Every semester, future public servants, innovators and visionaries are held back by the staggering cost of an education. Our country’s students should graduate with big dreams, not buried under a mountain of debt.

National student loan debt totals greater than $1 trillion. And with more than 60% of our students who graduated in 2013 burdened by student loan debt, Connecticut ranks as one of the worst states in the country for college affordability.

That’s why I need you. Please, will you join me today in calling for Congress to make higher education more affordable?

Congress has put this off long enough. The heavy cloud of student loan debt stops young people from taking the very education they have worked so hard to acquire and applying it to achieve their goals. How can they save to buy a car, get married, start a family or purchase a home if every decision they make is defined by their outstanding loans? How can they invest in their futures with a present that is being held hostage?

We have to do something now to control rising student loan debt. Add your name to tell Congress to make higher education more affordable.

Add your name to urge Congress to make higher education more affordable!

Thank you for joining me in this fight. Affordable education will open up a world of opportunity for our country’s students, who will in turn reinvest in America.